Over time, and due to climatic influences and the characteristics of the feed itself, deposits will form on the walls and hoppers inside the silo, preventing its main function: to ensure that the feed stored inside is kept fresh and healthy for animal feeding, in accordance with demanding international standards.

YOURSILOCLEANING offers an innovative automated system for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitising and washing your feed and cereal silos.


Cleaning of farm silos  for storage of feed and other bulk materials (plastics, pellets, cereals, liquid feed, fertilisers, ...)

We clean your silos automatically, completely and thoroughly.

  • Precise cleaning of the silo interior
  • Restoration of silo hygiene
  • Recovery of lost silo capacity
  • Possibility to use additives such as descalers and disinfectants.
  • No scaffolding required
  • No physical entry into the silo required
  • High degree of occupational safety
  • Reduced corrosion and wear of the silos increased service life
  • Uncovers possible points requiring silo maintenance


Storing feed in silos is the most common form of bulk feed storage in most parts of the world. Silos are a perfect way of storing feed, as they reduce wastage and protect feed from weather and pests such as birds and rodents. Silos also allow farmers to take advantage of the economic benefits of buying feed in bulk and supplying it easily through in-house or trough feeding systems. However, silos should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to ensure that the feed stored inside remains as fresh and wholesome as possible.



YourSiloCleaning has developed a silo cleaning procedure that improves on current practices for cleaning animal feed silos. The wet process offered by YourSiloCleaning is the most effective and preferable process for cleaning a silo. By using the wet method, suitable descalers and disinfectants can also be added during the cleaning process.

Our recommendations for an inspection of the condition of our feed silos:

We recommend an eye examination, at least once a week, and it should include:

External inspection of the silo, check if the lid is closed, if there are no knocks, leaks or malfunctions.

External inspection of the base, to detect fractures in the concrete base, leaks or spilled feed, which can attract rodents.

Check the ladder and access, it must be safe and free of mud, snow or ice.

Check the lid. It must open and close perfectly from the bottom. No leackages

Review of the feed. Quantity, odour, colour, consistency and fines should be considered.

Checking the inside of the silo for dampness, fines stuck on the walls, risk of fungus, or formation of feed blocks on the walls.

Check the boot, check that the transmission is greased and aligned, that there are no leaks, obstructions and that the bolts are in place.

Check of the outlet gates, to verify that they are not too open or too closed and to ensure feed flow.

Checking of the silo anchor bolts to ensure stability.

Checking the pipes, as they sometimes show wear and tear. These check points help to keep your feed and silos in good condition.

YOURSILO cleaning

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